Retinol Collection + Derma Roller for Oily & Acne-prone Skin

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Retinol Collection + Derma Roller for Oily & Acne-prone Skin

What It Is:

Discover flawless skin with this three-step introductory skincare kit containing our bestsellers for oily and acne-prone skincare regimen. Experience the Retinol Serum along with a best-selling moisturizer and Derma Roller.

How to Get That Flawless and Healthy Skin:

1. Roll the Microneedle Derma Roller over the desired area, back and forth, 4-5 times.

2. Apply a thin layer of Retinol Serum over the desired area, massage gently, allow drying.

3. Apply the Pro-Eye Gel around the eye area, every morning and evening.

3. Finally, apply an appropriate amount of cream and rub gently to the whole face and neck, until completely absorbed, it can be used day and night.

Please always wear sun protectors when exposed to the sun, especially when you using retinol products.

What's Included

1 x Retinol Cream 50ml/pc

    with an effective but gentle amount of retinol that helps develop a balanced-looking complexion while helping defend against environmental stressors.

    • Replenishes and improves skin’s appearance
    • Unclog the pores and prevents future breakouts
    • Antioxidants soothe and recondition skin
    • Weightless gel formula
    • Use twice daily after cleansing, toning & exfoliating


    1 x Retinol Serum 30ml/pc

    A rich, concentrated antioxidant serum with an effective but gentle amount of retinol that restores moisture while defending against environmental stressors and signs of aging.

    Retinol Serum Benefits:

    • Stimulates collagen for firmer, smoother skin
    • Speeds up skin cell turnover
    • Improves texture and tone for a smoother, softer, more radiant complexion
    • Unclogs pores to clear up acne and prevent future breakouts

    1 x Pro-Eye Gel 30ml/pc

    Neutriherbs Eye Gel is specifically formulated to help improve visible signs of aging around the eyes. This exclusive formula contains Hyaluronic Acid, Matrixyl3000, and Vitamin E, antioxidant and powerful anti-aging ingredients to keep your delicate eye area looking refreshed and healthy, visibly reduces fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness around your eyes.

    1 x Titanium Derma Roller 0.3 with storage case


    Our Dermarollers are UV/Gamma Sterilized for your protection and are made from stainless steel and titanium with 0.3mm tips. Compared to other 0.25mm Rollers, our rollers are slightly longer giving the best quality of home care use!

    Suitable For roller beginner and sensitive skin.

    Use once a week for optimal results.