Neutriherbs® Skin Whitening Soap For Brighter Skin

$15 USD


Neutriherbs papaya whitening soap, enriched with Papaya Extract, Pearl Extract, and other herbal essential oil, deeply cleanses and tightens pores, keeps skin with moisture, stimulates skin metabolism, reduces dark spot and brightens skin tone. Leave your skin fresh, smooth, moisturized and bright.

Skin whitening soap benefits:
1. Enriched with Pawpaw Extract & Pearl Extract
2. Deeply cleansing, tightening pores & moisturizing
3. Reduce dark spot, brighten skin tone

Completely Ingredients:

Dampen your face with water, get soap in hand with water to lather it, apply the foam onto the face, massage with the circular movement to cleanse deeply. Rinse with water. Avoid touching with eyes, it occurs, rinses with plenty of clean water.